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Playing “Board Games” is Truly Useful!
BANPU B-Sports Thailand’s 2nd year promotes board game activities to the new generation, introduces REBOOT,
a board game designed by Thais and are ready to hold national board game competitions
Recently, Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific has joined with Board Game Night or BGN, a cast board game program attracting the biggest audience in Thailand, organized PLAY DAY”, the official launch event of BANPU B-Sports Thailand’s 2nd year program, as it continues to spread the benefits of the playing of board games to a wider group of Thais. The project is adding to its success by introducing a series of creative activities that will run until the end of the year and target the new generation, students, general public and board game aficionados while promoting the more creative use of board games in line with Banpu’s belief that “board games” are not only fun, but also a useful tool in enhancing players to develop their skills in various aspects.  
In this 2nd year of BANPU B-Sports Thailand, the project intends to expand the benefits of playing board games to a wider group of Thais. Activities kicked off with a board game roadshow on the concept of Learning Playing, which encouraged students and teachers in 26 secondary schools across 6 regions of Thailand to practice their soft skills through the playing of various board games. The activities continued with BOARDGAME101, a board game design contest for university students broadcasted via the project’s Facebook page.

BANPU B-Sports Thailand 2019, the Thailand’s grand board game competition of the year, features REBOOT, the latest board game from the project created by Thais and being used for the general public category. Moreover, Super Power 8, the highlight game of BANPU B-Sports Thailand 2018 will again be used in the competition for youth category. The competition will begin in October with the qualification rounds held in 6 board game cafes across the country and end with the final round in November at Siam Square One, Bangkok.
Mrs. Udomlux Olarn, Head of Corporate Communications, Banpu Public Company Limited, said “BANPU B-Sports Thailand is the latest initiative project from Banpu and is now in its 2nd year. The project aims to encourage the new generation to improve their soft skills through the playing of board games and to adapt these skills to their study and work. This year, we wanted to reach a wider group of people, so we added more new activities, taking a board game roadshow to teachers and students in 26 schools in 6 regions. The highlight of the roadshow was Super Power 8, a board game created by a Thai board game developer that was used in last year’s competition. We are also expanding the competition to a larger area and dividing it into 2 categories. The project not only encourages Thai board game developers to create great works, but also raises Thai people’s awareness of the board game.”
Mr. Watthanachai Treedecha, Founder of Board Game Night, added “The aim of the Board Game Night team in this project is to spread the culture of playing board games to a wider group of Thais. As someone who is closely associated with the board game industry, I am delighted to see the growth of the industry in Thailand as well as to notice many youngsters showing interest in playing board games and understanding that it can be beneficial to players as well as being fun. More importantly, this year, we have launched “REBOOT”, a board game developed from the work of university students who joined the board game design contest at the BANPU B-Sports Thailand 2018 event. REBOOT’s colorful street style characters were created by a board game designer who was recently recognized as the Finalist Designer of The Year Awards 2019 – organized by Silpakorn University. The story of the game is inspired by the concept ‘a robot who survives doomsday’, and requires each player to plan and find a way to survive in various challenging situations while fighting with all-round robot enemies in order to end up as the only survivor. This year, REBOOT will be used for the competition in the general public category. Who will be the last robot standing? This is to be continued.”
With less than 2 months left till the BANPU B-Sports Thailand 2019 event in November, the project activities will get more intense and the contestants are now practicing and getting ready to compete in the qualification rounds with the hope to advance and compete in the final round. Meanwhile, students from the BOARDGAME101 program are being trained to create new board games and with just 1 finalist being selected, competition is fierce. To find out more and stay updated on activities and news about the project, visit
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