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On 17th May 2017, Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, CEO gave an opening remark for a sharing session “ Corruption – an impact on Business operations and reputation” by Mr. Kulvech Janvatanavit ; Principle Project Adviser, Thailand Private Sector, Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption : CAC , Thai IOD.

The objective of this sharing session is to provide knowledge and understanding to Directors, Management and staff about corruption in the following topics :

  1. What is corruption ? Why private sector has to fight against corruption ?
  2. What is CAC ? Why collective action ?
  3. Definition of Corruption vs Fraud
  4. Corruption formula in private sector and government agencies
  5. Fighting corruption in Thailand

This sharing session is a part of anti corruption recertification process the company has in plan for the year 2018 and gained participation from Directors, Management and staff in Bangkok offices through the whole session as well as an active Q and A at the end of the session.