Anti-corruption Practices
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On 6 September 2018, Banpu Public Company Limited, Banpu Power Public Company Limited and Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, led by Mr. Virach Vudhidhanaseth, Vice President – Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations, together with company executives and staff, expressed the explicit intent on fighting corruption on National Anti-Corruption Day 2018. The event was organized under the theme of “Thai people with high awareness to fight graft” by Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ATC) at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok.

In January 2019, the Corporate Governance Division of Banpu Public Company Limited supports No Gift Policy to comply with Anti-Corruption Policy and to promote company-wide best practices for receiving and reporting gifts. The Division has donated gifts given to departments, divisions or individual employees on various occasions, which could not be returned to any giver, to three Banpu’s partnering schools under a Leadership Program for Sustainable Education (CONNEXT ED), namely Non Sa-at Phitthaya School, Khon Kaen; Phon Ngam Phon Sawang Community School, Maha Sarakham; and Rong Kham Hong Thong Witthaya, Roi Et.